Next Gen Consoles/Games But No Splitscreen?

I have noticed that most of the new games that have been released and going to be released do not support split screen. These consoles and games are supposed to be the next generation of gaming and so much more powerful then the predecessors, but it seems that everything is taking a step backwards. Some of the games that I noticed that might be split screen that are not either offline/online or both is Halo: Spartan ****, Titanfall, and Battlefield. I figured with the newer technology, pricing, and implementation this would not be an issue. Anyone else feel like this is a let down or is it just me?


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Well not very many gamers come over to my house to game, this is why I appreciate my xbox friends so much cause they are always here, kinda.

If that is the opposite for you I'm sorry to hear it. I think eventually we will start to see more couch co OP games releasing as your point is truly valid. "Where they at"

Anyways you should post to the feedback section which you stand a much better chance of being heard by MS/ Xbox division.

You can do this here:

Thanks for the input and recommendation on the forums, I did move this forum to Feedback Section. 

It's a big let down for me and my girlfriend.  We really enjoy playing games togethe.  With the direction games have gone we don't have many games to play together.  Borderlands 3 can't come soon enough.

When I was younger we would always have sleepovers and play games all night.  We mainly played madden....can you believe madden took co-op out of the game last year?  I spent 2 hours trying to sync controllers because I just couldn't believe it wasn't in the game.  I called EA support and the lady couldn't tell me anything.  Spent another hour searching forums and finally found a definite answer.  Luckily they patched it back in after a few months.

College was all about 4 person split screen COD 2 and Mario kart 64.

I feel bad for the younger crowd.  They think swearing at strangers over a headset is bonding.

PvZ supports split screen

This is something sadly only Nintendo seems to still try to support. Unfortunately it's easier on developers not to support split screen (takes more resources and you can charge for online multiplayer and it can make it so two people have to buy the game rather than one).

I'm not a huge Nintendo fan (mainly cause they just don't make games I care for) but I do wish that they had succeeded in showing that people still wanted this. As they are pretty much completely failing, people may appreciate this about them but that will get lost in the fact that overall they are not doing well.

I mean I know some people say they don't have friends come over or want to coordinate, but what about those of us who live with people who want to game with those people (and don't want to insist they buy another game console when there's a perfectly good one already in the living room, don't want to have to put together some setup with two game consoles in one room, and want to game in the same room? I prefer gaming with others when they are in the same room, it's just not the same as gaming with people online).

I also remember the sleep overs with friends ..I remember the 4 way plug in for the PS1 ..Good times ..

I have 4 kids ,and the older 2 play mindcraft together A LOT ..They were looking forward to playing titanfall together and when they tried i assumed it was because it was just a beta ..I told them to wait till we get the full game ,,bummer i have to tell them its not gonna happen ..

It doesn't bother me....

Splitscreen was a great feature more than a decade ago,but now with online ,it's not really needed anymore....

But some games still got splitscreen....

Same here however I think Destiny may be split screen knowing Bungie as they made previous Halo games with split screen. Moving on to 343i I think upcoming Halo should support split screen.

I agree the next gen consoles are powerful enough to support split screen.

I'm sorry but for anyone to think titanfall would be split screen is crazy even on my 55" tv it's sometimes tough to spot grunts and pilots, to think of that screen split is just a headache involving you squinting and sitting g really close to the tv

Uh I don't see Destiny being split screen by any means, I can't think of many RPGs with split screen other than borderlands. Destiny is kinda a mmo more or less.

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