Next gen consoles will make it if their in...

Whether they are good or not isn't the most important. If its hip or out of fashion is the biggest factor.  Hard core gamers are in for sure but the majority of last gen gamers are casual gamers. Can the new gen consoles keep people playing COD? or will people be talking and doing a different activity all together?


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It will only effect Nintendo, as is seen with low WiiU sales.  Those people who helped make the Wii a selling phenom were mostly Casual gamers.  People who got it for the family or other activities like fitness & have no plan to get another console.

There is still a huge install base for the gamers who highly enjoy spending hours a day shooting things with a controller.

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Whether they are good or not isn't the most important. If its hip or out of fashion is the biggest factor.


You must be a HUGE Apple fan.

[quote user="Bluntman1138"]You must be a HUGE Apple fan.[/quote]He's not completely wrong though. Apple don't make the best products on the market but because they are thought to be 'cool' they sell by the shed load.

People do a lot of stupid things because they think it's cool and look how people will dress a certain way each year because its in fashion.I'm excited about NextX even if the sales are slow,its my hobby now that my feet are trashed....

I've been playing video games since the days when it was only a "nerd" thing.  Nothing is about to change that now, as for casual gamers they have tons of options available to them.  If this idea of "If its hip or out of fashion." carried any real weight, gaming would not exist as it is today.

It's going to sell for sure but how well is the issue;

As G4 put it, "Everyone games".

If the next xbox features kinect (like every source out there is banking on including me) they might as well make some compromises to place in more powerful hardware too. the next xbox MUST NOT be built on the basis of causal gaming.  with powerful specs brings the alternative option for developers to still cater towards hardcore titles.


I mean who would pay $400 for just a kinect built into the console? it's all about the specs, and with that comes better games. if it wasn't about that sony's ps4 presentation wouldn't be talked about so much, because not everyone cares about a "share" button.