New Xbox one experience Beta

hey everyone,

I am an xbox one preview member and opted in for the new experience beta. the software update or change on the console is absolutely awful!! I understand that its a beta only but its gotten to a point where my console freezes, doesn't boot up, doesn't shut down, wont exit apps or games, the list goes on! I looked at opting out for it but it looks like it will reset the console to factory settings meaning ill loose everything!! anyone please have some advice, help or support? customer service only said to me to blog about it....yeah very helpful. to be honest this is driving me to such a point where im considering selling my xbox one and moving over to ps4!!!!!


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Same here tbh...

Having to constantly log in and out to get games or apps to work...

It takes an age to boot the console up now aswel..

It's a total nightmare at the moment..

You were warned there could be issues if you signed up for the beta.

A factory reset is the only way to remove the beta dash.

You won't lose everything,all you will have to do is re download any digital content & reinstall your games.

Any other questions should go in the preview forums

thank you daft badger. with the reset does this mean that all my gamertage etc info will also be lost?

No,not at all.You won lose anything.

It will just be like the first time you started your console,so the initial update,download your gamertag etc.

If you have your games on an external hard drive then you shouldn't even need to re install them.