New XB One: Green tint (HDMI Issues)

Hi all-

Been running a 360 (and original XBOX) for years without any issues.

Hooked up a One the other night - just updated, set up accounts, no issues.

My son turned it on the next day and got some serious green haze...Now, I know this is somehow related to HDMI; the "fix" (band-aid) is to shut down the TV and the XBOX One, turn off the power strip (yes, the power strip) and then power everything back up.

Next time it's started up, it's ok. Next time after that... back to green again.

Anyone know:

1) If this can be resolved

2) How it can be resolved

3) If Microsoft has acknowledged this error

4) If they're doing anything about it...

It's annoying!!




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I haven't heard of this issue. Can you see in pattern in reproducing this issue based on how you power on devices? I can see some issues arising with some devices when the source until is powered up prior to the TV or AVR since it misses the  HDMI handshake.

Hi - actually on with tech support right now. They are aware of the issue & sending me a link to download and update via thumbdrive :)


Pattern was only that it was doing it "automatically" - i.e. when turned on. We successfully (though temporarily) resolved through shutting down the TV & Xbox and then the power strip, then turning everything back on.

Gotta say, Chantell at support was really nice & (hopefully) very helpful. I'll try the fix out tonight.

Hope it fixes the issue.


What was probably happening was the Xbox One signaling RGB but sending YCbCr. Over digital that produces green highlights swimming in a pool of magenta.

Hi Zacabeb-

Unfortunately, it didn't fix it. To be sure, there's no magenta. I have no idea why eliminating power altogether would temporarily fix this.

Anyway, I emailed customer support back letting them know the updated didn't fix this, so they told me it would have to be "repaired". (Having told me it was a known issue.)

Going to try posting in the Console & Accessories support forum to see if anyone has any experience with this. My son ain't gonna be happy if we have to ship it away...