New World of Tanks Xbox One game play. New video, older build.

This is a new video from the X1 but it is an older build. Looking forward to the final product which might be soon. They also updated their website, they dropped the 360 and now it is just Xbox, and released a new phone app this week. Just search World of Tanks Console Companion if you want to check it out.

Quote from the creative director.

"Last but not least - HOT! New Video

- It's official, that Xbox One video was all filmed here in Chicago and is all in game footage unaltered. TBH though, its a bit dated (press lead times and all), the game looks even better today and plays great."

World of Tanks Console Companion for iOS and Android


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Thanks for the link.

Looks fantastic. It came to 360 a bit late and I rarely play on it anymore so I've been waiting for it to come to X1.

This will be the first free to play I play on the Xboxone. Can't wait.

The beta lasted too long. By the time it went gold 90% of my friends quit playing it.

Hopefully we get some good info at E3.

"The beta lasted too long. By the time it went gold 90% of my friends quit playing it."

They are missing out, the game has come a long way since the beta, and should be on the One very soon.

^^ I think it'll be announced at E3 that it's available now type thing

There's a nice article about WoT coming to Xbox One here.  Looks great, and I'm reading the article to say that there will be server-based cross-platform voice support.  Hurry up, tanks!

I hold unto my last 360 just for this game, so once it releases on the one it's time to retire it.

^^^Same here. The old girl had a good run and needs a well deserved break.