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Nightmare the update has removed messenger from the video chat what nonsense this is. We use this a a family chat over the world through messenger and now that has gone you can only chat via xbox to xbox no longer can you chat via messenger over the laptop. Is this the way to get sales up? Been a xbox follower from day one maybe time to move on. Disgruntled xbox user

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MSN Messenger got shut down since Microsoft now own Skype. Who knows, in the future the Xbox-360 may get an update adding Skype to it.

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well until then they should keep it. bad enough you have to pay for gold to watch netflix or video chat. i have no interest in chatting with xbox friends my real friends all have ps3 leaning towards making the switch myself since after all of these updates xbox still uses the same ghetto messaging they had since day 1.

Hello i just had a new Update on Xbox one  and now i can not download Free GOLD games  1 game ask me for creditcard and other when i press on it its says that i nead to pay money. Can somebody tell me how to solve this problem ??? befor  Update  it was normal you press on Free Game and its starting to download

Please make you own post rather than replying to a year thread. You'll get better help that way.