New update starting to roll out.

A new 1404 system update starting to deploy tonight!

We have started to deploy the latest 1404 update (xb_rel_1404.140331-2200). Consoles that are in standby mode will be able to install the update starting at 7:30PM PDT on 4/2.  Consoles that have not received the update in standby mode by 1:00AM PDT on 4/4 will be prompted to install the update when they connect to Xbox Live. The following changes are contained within this build:


  • Ongoing fixes and adjustments to the user interface.
  • Additional fixes to address audio crackling sound encountered when Dolby Digital is enabled.
  • Fixes for Blu-ray software issues that can result in 0x21 or 0x87de07d1 errors.
  • Update to address an issue where ejecting a Blu-ray disc after the drive is idle can result in the disc being pulled back in, requiring a second eject command.
  • Fix to address Kinect not responding to “yes” or “no” after issuing the “Xbox, turn off” command.
  • Updates to reduce or eliminate Blu-ray drive “seeking” sounds after drive is idle (experienced in the 1403 update.)
    • Update to help address controller disconnect issues.
    • Update to help address headset adapter audio quality.
  • Fix for LiveTV audio outputting in stereo instead of surround sound.
  • Update for the Blu-ray player to fix an issue where it can freeze if left idle or paused for an extended period of time.
  • Update to fix an issue where fast forwarding or rewinding an external video source results in screen freezing when surround sound is enabled.
  • Fix for video playback stuttering while audio plays back normally in several apps (Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, etc.)

Features Enabled

  • Game save progress bar will now display when syncing cloud game saves.
  • 50Hz Blu-ray player support for content recorded at 50Hz.
  • Improved GameDVR video quality.
  • Online friends notification, including the ability to filter notifications to all friends, favorites only, or disable friends online notifications altogether.
  • *NEW FEATURE* Requested by the update preview community: Manually install available updates. If a new system update is detected as available, a button will appear under Settings,System that will display “System Update.” Note: this feature is being enabled after this current update completes installation. This feature will be available to preview when the next update is made available.
  • *NEW FEATURE* A new ability to automatically redeem a license code from console messages. For future console messages that include a 5x5 license code, a new option will appear to allow you to automatically redeem the license, versus having to copy and paste the license code.

Known Issues

  • Some preview participants may encounter an issue where the Blu-ray drive will not ingest a disc after the console has been idle for a period of time. The disc will need to be removed and re-inserted for the disc to be ingested. A fix for this issue is currently being tested.
  • Some preview participants may encounter an issue where some non-Blu-ray disc media types are pulled back into the Blu-ray disc drive after being ejected, requiring a second eject command. A fix for this issue is currently being tested.
  • In this version of the 1404 update, the startup process of a console doing a cold boot up (systems that are configured for power saving mode, versus instant on) will encounter a delay of approximately 30 seconds, during which a solid black screen is displayed. This issue is not present for consoles powering up from a standby state. A fix for this issue is currently being tested.
  • During silent update installation some devices controlled by the Xbox One via IR (TVs, receivers) may power up in the middle of the update process and not power back down. The developers are investigating this issue. 

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Like those new features,  all good stuff, great news that notifications can be filtered!

From what I've been reading though i think this update is only for people that are in the preview beta thing. Still, some nice sounding features being added! I look forward to when it gets released properly.

Im looking forward to being able to filter Lofty out Codger!

Genchy, Couldn't agree more! it's a shame i can only give your comment 1 "like" lol.

Its alright Codger it allowed me to "like" my own comment so I bumped it to two!  

^ I'm going to bump it to 3 because I'm just going to delete both of you ;-p

@ Codger ...

Is it for those just in the Beta? I posted it because some on the main XB1 forum said it was for everyone?

Not sure now lol

The weird thing was last night when I turned my Xbox One on it said their was an update available, but after a couple of seconds said their was a problem and that I should restart the system.  Did that and then the system continued on as if their wasnt an update.

I'm guessing that possibly an update was pushed out, but then perhaps pulled because a major bug got out?

^I had the exact same problem yesterday, like you, I restarted the console and then there was no mention of any update.

@ Shaggy & Codger ...

I see quite a few reporting this, not sure what happened though :-/

So is this available to everyone?

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