New UK consumer protection comes into effect 1st Oct

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The reason I posted this is because I wonder how it will affect us gamers with supposed enhanced protection for purchase of digital goods?

Will it force publishers to be a bit more careful when producing games, or will they continue to just put out broken games and hope they can patch it later, which also asks the question will they be expected to refund you or simply promise a patch to fix the game?

It'll be interesting to see if this protects us more but if I'm honest I think they'll still keep pumping out broken games and hope it'll be business as usual.

I think its a valid question, but in reality I don't think it is going to impact games with "bugs" that much unless they make it "unplayable".  I realise even that statement is open to interpretation, but situations where we (as gamers) consider a game is not ready because it hasn't implemented features we think it should would not come under this I am sure, however, if a game was online only, and a bug prevented you connecting, then you would probably have a case (IMO).  I also think loss of service due to down time may come under this new law, though again, devil is in the detail, and 100% up time is unlikely to be the benchmark and people need to do the math, even if 99% up time was the bench mark, that would still allow 5 and half hours down time a month.

it does not state in the terms of xbox live that it has to be up 99% of the time or they guarantee this, that is impossible to guarantee with an online gaming system, but does apply to web hosts where they guarantee 99% uptime.  under the previous revision of this law people still got refunds on digital content that didn't work properly, I got it several times, one of those for halo, so no this new revision wont make much difference.

I agree with both of you guys and was pretty much my opinion too. As mentioned already the devil will be in the detail,, for instance take the latest MGS, there was a bug in the game which caused your game to become unplayable at a certain point if you used a certain buddy, now is this something that would entitle you to a refund or would they claim you should wait for a patch? I suppose we can only hope it might make developers think twice before pushing out a game ASAP if they know it's broken in some way.

Actually there's already legislation in place protecting you from your online purchases in the UK.

If you buy something online or over the telephone it's classified as "distance selling" because there is no face to face encounter with the seller.

In the UK you have the right to cancel a transaction within 14 days of receiving the contract if you realise it's "not what you wanted" and/or you realise it's not fit for purpose.

This exists to protect you from being dazzled by a salesman over the phone and then realising it wasn't really the deal you thought it was cracked up to be later on.

So though Microsoft says "absolutely no refunds"... the UK government says as a consumer you have the right to consider what you've bought and change your mind if it doesn't add up to what you actually expected.

When it comes to XBox LIVE transactions, UK Consumer law is clear:  "No face to face contact between seller and buyer = distance selling and the consumer is entitled to their right to change their mind within 14 days".