New TV causes headset woes! Help!

I just picked up a new TV, but I found that the newer set is missing an "audio out" jack that I used on my previous TV to hook my Triton AX-180 headset to.


The tv can do digital audio out; my headset cannot. I figure I'm up the creek without a paddle in that my headset may now be worthless without spending the cash to get a converter that can take the digital audio out line and convert it to an analog compatible format (something like this

, but I'm hoping someone else here knows some AV magic that can save me the extra cash....


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Ok, the original post is messy. I'm asking if anyone knows a way to hook up an analog stereo headset when the TV only has digital line out for audio, or if I'm stuck buying a digital converter?

All you need is an audio dongle and then use the RCA connections.

^ That sounds like my only option. Ah well, cheaper than buying a new headset...

Thanks for the advice.

Its not that that is the only option in a negative way, it is that that is the way it is supposed to be when using HDMI for video.