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I don't know if I am posting in the right area, but I am looking for friends as I just recently got my Xbox one. So if you are on the Xbox One, please feel free to add me. I am currently playing Forza 5, Ryse Son of Rome, DR3 and Zoo Tycoon, I am also on the 360 but at the moment I don't have gold on this profile while on the 360.


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I guess this place is as good as any, after the demise of the friends forum.

You, could also take a look at the link in my sig, a good friendly bunch of gamers over there.......we also don't take ourselves too seriously.

Welcome to the forum.

A Queenly Goose. Welcome to the forums! Good to have you around. I hope you all the best. There is a great bunch of people in the UK sections so I am sure you will make a bunch of friends in here :)

Welcome to the U.K. forums.I have all the games you mentioned so feel free to chuck me a friends request if you like.

Keep an eye out for our community playdates,they are such a laugh & a good way to meet some of the forum regs.

Such a shame that the friends forum went the way of the dodo!  

I hope that this UK section will start to fill up again as you can almost hear the tumbleweed!

Feel free to drop me a friend request guys, got most popular games on both 360 & Xbox One... happy gaming guys and gals!!


*Kicks tumbleweed* Hey there dude :)

Will drop a few FR's!

feel free to add me Silvafoxx

Howdo ppl feel free to add me on xbox one as am looking for new freinds as all my mates still av 360, am a true Yorkshire lad from tarn (barnsley)  paly at the mo fifa 14, forza 5, cod ghost & battlefield 4.

I'm new to forums as well looking for xbox360 friends  so feel free to add me I'm the greatest at sonic the hedgehog games so if u have any sonic games on the 360 come on over and try and beat the master