New Rainbow 6 game

I've seen some reports that announced there is a morality system in the game, doing certain things will effect the way the level/story progresses.

I'm not going to post any quotes in case of any spoilers or whatever!

I think it sounds great.


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Cool story bro

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Cool story bro


Urg I thought this stupid fad had died out.

OP: was surprised there wasnt a reveal at E3. looking forward to seeing what they have come up with as the series was always top quality.

It's true, was on SUAM this week.

I cannot wait to see what they do with the next Rainbow game, glad we're not going back to Vegas.

but NY?? yawn :|

anyway i have been begging for a new RS game so i am so happy, i just wish they would do a remake of RS3 black arrow for the 360

***** SPOILER ******

Aparently the 1st mission has something to do with an citizen strapped with explosives and forced to be an unwitting "suicide" bomber. You have the choice of allowing him to blow up or drop him before he gets to a built up area