New "TRUE GAMER" Friends Wanted (Must Read)

I'm having problems finding people like myself. If I do find someone they completely ignore me when I send out a message or a game invite. At least message back within 10 minutes don't understand why when I'm like a "pro gamer" (not really, cause that's why it's in " ", but I'd LOVE TO BE) with a 120,000 gamer score. I'd also like to have friends on my list that play lots of games, and lots of different games, and are also  VETERANS (I'm from the early NES era, I've been gaming A LONG TIME),  MATURE (you can still be a teen and be mature, no whining, work as a team, don't ignore messages, AND HAVE A MIC!!!),  HARDCORE (the other ( ) explains that, and also means have an open mind about new ideas and game play in games and stop buying CoD every year).  



So there it is. If you're a "TRUE GAMER", please friend me.


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It's hard to believe that there isn't any true hardcore gamers on these forums. If you are please send me a message on LIVE telling me you read this along with a friend request.

Add me if you play halo4 I would be happy to have you as a friend if you can take jokes and are not up tight. If you believe in the first ,second,fourth and all the right the constitution blessed us with add me Two4fifteen

[quote user="HedMunky84"]It's hard to believe that there isn't any true hardcore gamers on these forums.[/quote]

You will find most people on these forums will go out of their way to avoid someone that calls themselves a "hardcore" gamer.