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Purchased one today and for $60.00 not a bad purchase but let me say if you are anything but a casual player don't bother wasting the $60.00 better off spending the money on Forza 4. Now I am a casual gamer and prefer racing games. I like the older games NFS Wamted, Dirt, Dirt 2 and 3. Actually I have just about all the racing games. Here is what I have found in this my first day using the speed wheel: It works great on Forza 4 and Dirt 3. Does not work at all with Dirt, the first one (Dirt 1 I'll call it). The other games I have the wheel controls work with one exception.....and a BIG one at that. Other then Dirt 3 and Forza 4, the steering is not the best on some and completely lacking on others, ie Dirt. It seems that the older games do not support the steering with this wheel. On most of the newer racing games, i.e., NFS series the steering does work, however, I have much more control with the regular 360 controller. The triggers and all buttons work just like on the normal controller, with the exception that there are no shoulder buttons on the wheel, not a problem for me, as a casual gamer I usually use the automatic shifting, not manual. For me it is worth the 60.00 to use the wheel with Forza 4 and Dirt 3, and I suspect the games to come out in the future will also work well with this controller. But most of hard core gamers will be wasting their money, and other gamers that have a lot of older racing games they like, will also be wasting their money on this wheel. Other problems: Holding the wheel in the air, "ala mario brothers on a WII" does tire out your arms after awhile, and if you are a gamer that plays hours on end, you better be visiting the gym during your spare time. No the wheel is not that heavy, actually it is light, but anything gets heavy after awhile. Just hold your arm out out in front of you for a couple of hours with nothing in your hand and you'll see what I mean. Does not support the rechargeable battery packs, so you better have a stash of AA batteries. Looks kind of "Mario Brothers" like, a big U shapped tube but actually it is very comfortable to use on a game that works well with it. Like a lot of reviews have said looks more like an airplane yoke, but seems very comfortable to me......too bad it doesn't work better. But then let's give Microsoft their due, it is a great controller for a casual gamer, the price is the same price as a new game. You get what you pay for and you get a lot for this $60.00. It is a new assessory and you can't expect older games to support it yet. Some may come out with updates, but most will probably just incorperate the support in their newer games, knowing this will be a selling point. Hope this saves some of you the 60.00 or at least lets some of you know what to expect, good or bad.

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I've only tried it in Forza 4, and it works great for that game.  I've been wondering about some of my other racing titles.  I think $60 is a bit steep for just the wheel.  For that price they should have bundled a game at least... or in my case I got a $25 gift card when I bought it with Forza 4, so that made it alot more worth it.

How do you tune up the cars in Forza4 if you can not change the pages with the wheel (LB and RB)?

I'm interested in this thing, but just not keen on the idea of having to keep another controller handy to be able to use the menus properly.

why carnt they think about things such as shoulder buttons, i was looking forward to getting this little wheel and for £40 i thought it would be great. but no shoulder butons (which you need) the use of aa batteries is a bit 80s 90s and no way to chat online with it just tottaly put me of. shame because it looks real nice, good idea microsoft but seems you been a bit lazy

they should have kept the real steering wheel

The Wireless Speed Wheel is great for racing games with the exception of the missing LB/RB buttons.  Worked great on Forza 2 and Forza 4 with the exception of not being able to tune my cars. I took the wheel back simply because of the missing buttons. Too crippling.  If Microsoft were to update the wheel with the LB/RB buttons I wouldn't hesitate to pick it up again.

To Be Honest, this wireless wheel is something I would never buy in the first place, for the simple reason that when I wanted a steering wheel to play one of the Burnout games, I went and bought one of the best 3rd party options on the market.  I'm pretty sure I bought a Logitech one, and I'm very happy with it!  It's a proper steering wheel, with foot pedals, and works quite well! ^_^

Logitech hasn't sold a wheel for xbox 360 in years. If they still made one, I'd own one. I hope you didn't get one of the Mad Catz. They suck. Thrustmaster makes an OK wheel.