New idea and twist on the Xbox 360,one,moblie!!!!!!

So my idea and new twist is we take all of Xbox one 360 and mobile and combine to make ( my idea name is  not trademark or copyright yet) Xbox Real . this will make Microsoft and the Xbox  franchise more customer accessible and friendly plus making Xbox the new pioneer of the gaming era with a portable handle Xbox  that lighter,smarter, more powerful, but yet easy interface and price rage so all type of gamer can have access to the new enlightment and and tribute to the Xbox one Xbox 360 and Xbox Mobile franchise game.ok now I know your thinking  why would we need another handheld device when already wenhave our phone and other handheld devices,what the difference between an Xbox Real and your other mobile devices.well  you'll be playing and having fun better than on your phone on your tablet or any other hand held device for some for some can't fully experience good game play because of battery life and data limitations and also having problems with memory and other crashes and corrupt files on unsecured and unsure access to the third party service and or servers.with the Xbox real you have 100 percent secure reliable access to the Xbox Live service 24/7 with no third party acces no call no text no to  interrupt nothing but pure adrenaline filled games games and happy smiles from ear to ear the.this is the future and the new path I believe in  Xbox rangers they know who they are plzz look at this post and send to all right people and party that are needed thank you yours truly Brandon Rivera gamer tag Rockheart12


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