New headset with inline mute switch

Hey anyone else out there feel the same way about inline mute switches?the same thing happened with the 360 when it launched. They had originally had the headset with an easy to reach mute button right where your thumbs are and a volume wheel next to that. So you could easily mute your mic without taking a hand off the controller. Than they came out with this inline mute switch that dangles from the wire so you have to reach around for it and take your hand of the controller. Looks like its the same story here with the new headset. The puck that plugs in and allows you to controll mute and volume without stopping play should be a gaming standard, why would Xbox want to take a huge step back with the headset. Glad they fixed the bumpers and added a 3.5 mm jack, but keep the controller puck guys.

Been on Xbox live for 10 years

Just want to see you guys get it right on this one, no more inline dangley mute buttons that get you killed because your child decides to throw a fit or when your wife wants you to talk to her about her day.


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