New HDTV, help me

Hey guys/gals.

I'd like some input/advice/experience.


I had played xbox on my 27 inch CRT TV, nice, I was pretty good at games(multiplayers games, cod mostly.)

Last week I purchased a 42 inch HDTV, plasma, I wanted HD for this fall's games

Trouble is...I'm having a particularly hard time adjusting...can't hit the broad side of a barn with my bullets, been tweaking the sensitivity, but nothing "feels" right.

I have 30 days to return it, and I'm considering it...It's beatiful and great, but if I can't have my competitive edge, what's the use..

Has anyone gone through this? Advice? Tips? Your take?


Help meee.



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Get it calibrated by a qualified professional and your input lag should be drastically reduced.

Most likely input lag. Newer HDTVs have a "game mode" setting. It usually gets rid of the input lag, see if yours has it.

I got a BIG TV last Dec. but I've never had any lag on mine.  And not being able to "hit a barn"...that's just the way I suck at games.  My only problem is adjusting the brightness/contrast from game to game.  Either the darks are too black, while the whites are too bright.  I'm having trouble finding a comfortable medium.  I know the settings are about half of what my TV settings are at.

Anyone having trouble adjusting their display's settings should try this site...


They have a pretty good database of user settings. Just don't be surprised if the picture doesn't look right at first, because most people are used to severely misadjusted picture settings.