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Hi there guys and gals. basically i got fed up of joining games with random players and always losing. So with this in mind i have joined a few forums and found a "clan". Now it took me  awhile to decide as there arnt very many UK based clans it seems its not and english thing. Now i decided on this "clan" as they arnt scary competative gaming  clan at all theres no K/D ratio requiment. all they ask is that your active and post once a month on the forums in the roster to show your still alive.
Its just a group of people meeting up to play together and have a moan about life. Now at moment were on recruiting drive so theres only 3 of us at the moment in the UK signed up but more from USA, the clan is quite active on the east coast of america so they are only few hours behind us.
the website is

from here just sign up then apply for xbox one uk division.
mention i recommended you as well.. your application will be posted to the forum admin will authorise then ill ping a PM to the account to let you know what to do next.

this is mainly over 18s as well.

hopefully see you guys there.

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you say you joined as there are not many uk clans, then say most are from the usa, lol

there are lots of uk clans around and i think you would be better joining one of those than joining a usa clan