New Gears at prototype stage.

I read THIS and like what I read, there's also early concept art lol.


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if you squint hard enough you can see absolutely nothing,,,. im still hoping some 5 second CGI trailer at E3.

A less blurry trailer,i hope....

I'm hopeful for something at E3, any little thing would do, I like what he said about canon, they'll stick to

it where possible, but won't stop the game being fun because of it.

My favourite series on the xbox.

Looking forward to see what they can do with it going forward

Gears is another reason I bought my Xbox One, so like you I'm keen to see it done well, fingers crossed for E3.

After the Rodcast I am more than ever confident that Rod and the team at Blacktusk will deliver :)

I agree, Rod will see it not "messed" with too much, or I have faith in him anyway.

IGNs website bugs the hell out of me. You gotta wait 10 - 15 seconds while the whole screen is taken over by advertising before you can close it and read the article. Grrrrrrr makes me mad!! I don't go to IGN much because of it.

I hope this one redeems judgment and we can forget that one.