new game forums

i'm looking for the for the 360 forums for the games 

titanfall and thief and can not seem to find them 

only the xbone forums  for these games 

does this mean that in all future game forums will be in the one section 


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Probably worth a private message to one of the mods to get them to create some.

You can find the 360 games forums here :)

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The point he was making was that the two games he mentioned are released on both platforms, but only the xbox one section has a thread for each game.

He wants a thread for those games in the 360 section too.

Come on OWEN. You don't expect the moderators to actively patrol the forum do you.

I mean it's quite obvious they don't when I once found two thousand pages of spam in just the one thread, stretching back near a month, in the mobile games section.

VoteDC, if you have a concern with the way the forums are moderated please feel free to PM us at anytime.

OP sorry I misunderstood your post, thank you for bringing it to our attention that those forums need to be added.

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