New Forum - (Reply cause the buttons BROKE)

Wow, tried to reply to that thread and the reply button just disapears when i click on it.


This place really isnt usefull any more, I know i sound like the few that are still here but seriously, whats so hard to fix? Why not just admit you got it so so wrong and re-open the old forums, would that be so difficult??


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Seems like MS don't like to do apologies...

I doubt they will go back to the old forum software.


They've just merged the GFWL forums with here and have a new rating system for the support forums.


Plus as makin said, they don't do apologies and wouldn't want to be seen to admitting to a mistake.


The vanishing Reply issue happens to me as well, to fix it I have to clear my cookies and cache and then sign in again. All is then good for a while but it always seems to return.

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