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Fix the new interface! My console auto disconnects from the internet constantly, I can't run games, or ANY of my apps. There weren't any of these issues before this stinking update. But now I can barely use my xbox, at all. If I use it for longer than 2 or 3 hours, it will freeze up and I will have to completely unplug it for 5 minutes before it works again. Fix the freaking issues! I have never posted a complaint about my console before, but this is way to ridiculous to let go guys, seriously.


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you opted in to having the beta software, this is what can happen, I'm not having any issues now with the new update but if you want to revert to the original dash you can, go to the preview app, select change enrollment, then in 72 hours your console will factory reset and revert to the original dash, just over 3 weeks until it is out for everyone anyway, so the rumour's go.

Yep,welcome to the world of beta testing.

The preview forums are here

I think some people equate beta testing to getting perfect software in advance.....

OP if you are in the preview then it has been updating like every other day.  Check and make sure you do not have a system update as that may be what is causing your issues because you do not have the most up to date o/s available to you.

I heard someone say their controller stopped working after they updated it, so yesterday when my console suggested I update my controller, I had to stop and think about whether I actually wanted to do it or not. I eventually did, and thankfully, had no issues as a result of the update. :)