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Why is it to hard to find a gamer picture or theme. I go to extras/theme and pics I search a certain item and it brings up music, movies, everything that is not themes and pics. If I wanted to search for music or movies I would go to its tab, I tried to search it by sorting it by Title and it gives me a long *** list that takes hours to scroll down. This new dashboard sucks!!!!

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I whole heartedly agree with you.  This new dashboard was absolutely designed around the assumption that everyone has a Kinect.  But there's people like myself who can't afford one or want one for that matter.  So for us controller users. we have to click through several steps to check out the most basic of things.  Have you noticed that there's no warning if you click on a video and you don't have Zune or Netflix installed (like myself) and it automatically starts installing this stuff on your HD and you have to go into memory and erase it.  I'm sorry Microsoft but this new dashboard is designed for a Tablet, not a game consol.  My Opinion of course. : )

I only know of one way to find gamerpics.

Hit the guide button. Go to "Profile" --> "Edit Profile" --> "Edit Gamerpic" --> "Download Gamerpics" and you'll get a big list to look through.

You can find them on as well. If you are looking for some for a certain game, then it's easier to find.

Its still the principle of the thing on how stupid the dashboard is.

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Its still the principle of the thing on how stupid the dashboard is.


The new dashboard ain't stupid at all , and it's a huge improvement forward .The fact that your whining about it not properly finding you a Gamerpic or Theme beyond me =(

No need for the hate bro.  Especially if your birth year IS 1972.  You should be old enough now to know that everyone (Including You) are entitled to an Opinion.  If a critic doesn't like a film and wants to list it's faults, they're not whining, they're listing their grievances against the film. They're entitled.  The whole pourpose of this forum or any forum is so people and vent, and commuicate with others on whatever topic they wish to bring up.  Not to be berated for not liking something that's perfectly ok with you.  Chill out! :)