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         I can't believe MS is doing is. I've seen people talk about being double taxed and I'm not liking that but my main problem is that now your being forced to buy 2 $15 cards or one $25 card for a $15 dollar game because of this stupid tax stuff. I went to download a game today that was $14.99 and I bought a $15 card only find out I would have to go all the way back to the store to buy a second $15 card to cover the tax. I have a prepaid credit card I use for my account too. At first I thought "OK in the past you could just go to add points and you could spend as little as $5 if you needed a little bit of extra points to cover the difference." The only difference should be that it'll be currency instead of points. Well you can't add currency to your account. So even though I had $15 on the account, there is no option to use your credit card to add more money. You either have to pay the entire price plus tax with your credit card or you have to buy the entire thing with prepaid cards. It's disgusting. I think they just want to gouge their customers for more money since business is slow due to our current economic climate. Well people can see through this and they aren't going to put up with it and I'm thinking I'm going to cancel my preorder for x-box one and see how this plays out. If they don't fix this and make it so that game cards cover the price of the game and the applicable taxes  I'm dropping X-Box altogether. If the cards needs to be $16.20 at the register so be it. Don't try and rip us off by making people buy more than they need.     


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Actual money always seemed like a better option to me anyway. At least you can pay the exact amount rather than over spending to get enough points.

I love it how people complained about the points and wanted cash now they have the cash and complain about that go figure

^yep pre paid card or credit card only.

Why can't i use my account money to pay for a new subscription? Is it required to pay with a credit card or pre-paid gold membership card?

My apologies, I didn't notice until too late that I completely misread that last post, Ace.  I myself hadn't noticed the $17 currency cards, but I think that's a brilliant solution for prepaid users.

What I mean is, while yes, you pay tax on your purchase, that money isn't paid to Microsoft Xbox.  They're not a government, they don't collect taxes.  Taxes on charges are diverted to local governments.

You might not have noticed but they are now started selling $17 currency to cover sales tax. At least from what I've seen.

Xbox doesn't collect taxes.  Sales tax goes to local government.  Sales tax isn't often fun.  Some people argue it's better than income tax, though.  Up to each person to make that judgement call.  I'd recommend using a credit card on file to just buy what you want directly.  If you have money in your Xbox account, you can use that first and then use the credit card to top off the rest.  Pretty convenient, actually, and only one sales tax.  Bonus.

 I wasn't trying to do a dual payment. I already had $15 on my account from redeeming the card. I tried to add more money to the account with a credit card. You could do that in the past. Only instead of adding money you were adding points. It's a way to force you to spend more money than you normally would. If that's not the case then they are going out of their way to inconvenience their customers.    

Dual payment was not an option with MSP.