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As a devoted 360 user and still the owner of 4 machines i was one of those who jumped ship and moved to the PS4 due to the direction that Microsoft were moving with the Xbox One and forced use of  Kinect and many, many other changes that i wasn't willing to accept.

However due to Phil Spencer who for me has absolutely saved the Xbox One from impending failure, i  now have a re-ignited interest in the Xbox One due to the backwards compatability thing and the look  / speed of the new system update that is coming in November and the way he has changed my perception of the attitude of Microsoft towards the future of the Xbox One - still unsure though !

By far the best feature for me on the PS4 which is such a simple basic feature, is the 3.5mm jack on the controller which lets the user output the entire game sound to third party headphones.

As everybody knows all the latest flat panel large screen tvs have appalling sound and being able to listen to a game through a pair of headphones totally changes the game as you hear sounds that you never heard before and at the level of quality it deserves and means you don't have to invest in a surround sound system which gets used for a few months then starts to gather dust.

Anyway with Microsoft releasing the 'new updated controller' with 3.5mm jack, does anybody know if the sound from the whole of the game can be set to output through the controller instead of 'chat only'.

And if not, could this feature be added to the upcoming system update ?

Also as i've never used an Xbox One before could anyone tell me if the system has a 'Visualizer' for when your playing your own music over a network ?

Lastly - will the new dashboard update still include DAMNED ADVERTS - I really hate adverts on my console with a passion and is the only thing i don't like about my 360's !

Hope somebody can help with my question - cheers


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I can't answer your question about the controller, but I would imagine if you were using the headphones straight from the controller it would kill the batteries quickly. I use 3rd party headphones without that controller. I plug in the headphone jack and it's USB plug straight into the side of the tv. It sounds great.

I do not think there is a visualizer. At least there wasn't when I tried it. You can vote to maybe have them implement one here.

In regards to ads, I do not have a single ad that is not gaming related. I haven't seen one either. I'm in Ireland so my screen might be different than in the US.

If you get it you'll be happy. It's a great console.



Thanks for the reply

I was sort of hoping to be able to use the headphone jack as i do on the PS4 and if that is not possible it does seem like a missed opportunity, but obviously not the end of the world.

Again with the visualiser I find it hard to believe that such a basic feature is missing from both machines and definitely a step backwards, this is something that should have been resolved over the 2 years the consoles have been out - deep sigh !

I guess the adverts thing is here to stay and something that could be my reason not to buy an Xbox One, but at the end of the day i guess they make more money from adverts than me not buying a console, so they won't really care either way.

Anyway thanks for the help and i'll keep track of Xbox One's progress and see if any of these things change over the next few months.

Cheers :)

I have the headset adapter and it works perfect with my sony gold wireless headset. I can adust them to either chat and no game sound or half game and chat or all game sound.

But I'm guessing that the new controller with the 3.5 jack would have the same features as the adapter.


Thanks for the info

Too be honest all i want is to use a pair of normal music Sony V150 headphones which do not include a mic as i'm not interested in the online chat any more and be able to just plug into the controller without the need for an over expensive adapter so i can either listen to the game soundtrack without chat options or listen to music with a visualiser when not gaming, just pretty basic stuff in my opinion and as i saw Microsoft were releasing a new controller with the 3.5mm i sort of expected it as given but thought i best double check, and it's not looking promising but would like definite confirmation.


Yes, the new controller with a 3.5mm jack will play game and chat audio. In the menus you can change the overall volume as well as the chat/game audio mix.

And in the new system UI coming out in November, there is also a "talkback" style feature (forgot what it's actually called on XB1) that allows you to change the volume of your own voice in your headset. Just in case you have closed over-the-ear headphones and don't like that you can't hear yourself speaking.

But to be honest about all this, I much prefer using the headset adapter for the original controller and having the volume and chat mix buttons at my fingertips rather than having to go into any menus to make changes.

All game sounds and chat functionality work fantastic with the new controller with the 3.5mm jack. I am currently using a pair of stereo Gioteck HC2's plugged into the 3.5mm jack and they work great. Any gaming headset that is wired should also work fine through it.

@Hermolicious & Auswulf

Cheers for the confirmation, that seems to be what i needed to know although i'm still a bit unsure if you can listen to your own music from a network or local through a pair of normal music headphones from the controller jack.

Thanks again

Works fine from a portable hard drive. I use my headphones to watch movies and to listen to music.

I don't use a network to access my videos and music so I can't say it will work. In theory it should work instead of a USB connection you are using an Ethernet or wireless signal. Hopefully someone will come along to confirm it does work otherwise you might need to test it out yourself.

I use the turtle beaches and I play games, watch movies and listen to music with them and works for anything that plays through the xbox, that includes all network shared music and movies.