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This isn't about the XB1 and just to clarify UT, I can use Google but I'd rather the advice of OXF.


Right.... My son has decided he's into gaming and is forever on my xbox playing minecraft. After he'd snapped the backs to both of my Halo 4 controllers I decided to get him his own xbox. I bought him a preowned slim from Game online (big mistake) which was cracked....luckily the wifes brother is an assistant manager at our nearest Game and managed to swap it for a better one. What I want to know is, do I need to rebuy minecraft on his new xbox?


I know he can  play it whilst he's signed into his gamertag on my xbox but that's because the game license is connected to my console aswell as myself right? Is there anyway he can play it on a new console or does he need a whole new license himself?


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[quote user="Naffry"]I'm not even able to find where to join Family Gold now.[/quote]Nowhere. Microsoft have removed the option for 'Family Gold'.

There is a new option on the One where you only need one Gold account on it to be able to play online but that doesn't help 360 owners. 

I bought digital games on my Xbox 360 account and if I play on others they work as full games too. It works for all not just one or two, at least this is my experience.


Login with your account, download it to his 360 and then delete your account from his 360.

Sorted. One more thing. I remember once I tried to sign up to the Family Gold and it took into account the remaining months I had left on this account and calculated a price for me. I'm not even able to find where to join Family Gold now.

Assuming you bought minecraft using YOUR account, then he can only play on your console or on his console logged in as you.

The only way round this would be for you to do a licence transfer to his console. This would link all your previous downloads to his console instead of yours (you would need to re-download just to refresh the licence). You can of course also use your downloads on your, or any, console if you are logged in to LIVE.

In practice, the stuff still on your console will still work offline or for anyone unless you delete it.

If you bought minecraft while logged in with his account, then all you need to do is make sure he's connected to XBL.

Yeah I'm going to be doing that. Cheers mate.

Licences are tied to two things. The purchasing account and the first console the content was downloaded to.


It is that second license the transfer moves.


So yes. You could transfer the licenses to your son's console and download the content there for him to use and still use it on your console providing that it had a connection to LIVE when you were signed in with your account.

Remember, the licence transfer will move all your existing stuff so it's linked to his console.

When you download new stuff it will be linked to the console you first download it onto. So if you both want to play new downloads, use your account on his xbox when you first download, then re-download on your console.

As above, the DLC is linked to one console AND one xbox live login.

Meh. Guess I'll just have to buy him his own gold then :P


Cheers dude.

I'm not quite sure I fully understand it. If I transfer all my licenses over to HIS console will I still be able to play them on my console ONLINE. So could I transfer them to his and then still play with him online whilst being on mine.