NEW console update

I was just wondering what the new console update is for are there any new features?


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Probably patching those new "Encryption's" into the Xbox so the NSA can't waste Tax payers money to pay people to play games on Xbox Live in search of "Terrorists".

Not sure bout anyone else but since this new update my live has been constantly crashing, what is the deal Microsoft? please fix this issue!

Here's details about the update

I got one for my Xbox 360, not Xbox One.

same with mine, this doesn't help me

just got it as well, there was 2 downloads after reboots and took forever compared to most XBL downloads aswell. close to 5 minutes total

"Took forever"  "close to 5 minutes total"    I don't know why, but that just made me chuckle.


As DaftBadger pointed out in the link, it is getting some quick fixes out of the way.  Certain things like Party Chat are on the list, but we'll have to wait a couple more weeks for those quirks to get ironed out.

well on my connection XBL updates have always been just a few seconds, this one was noticeably slower, like when downloading a large DLC or demo near 1 gig in size. according to the other thread, the patch notes are just improvements to XBL