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This might be a silly question but does it normally take a while to install games off the disc? Got my new console with titanfall today and it seems to take way longer than the 360. Also when I took the console out of the box, it had been packed upside down but still in the wrapping etc.  Assuming that with me lifting it out upside down etc it won't have caused any damage? Apologies if that sounds really dumb.


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If you are installing a disc then appear offline and it will install quicker but yes it can take a while depending on your internet speeds

Another thing to remember is games on the xbox one are anything form 15-20gb upwards in size so much bigger than 360 games so will take longer.

Games on the 360 installed to your hard drive, and then when you went to load it up, it would check too see if any updates/patches are available and then start to download.

The Xbox One does things slightly different, it actually checks to see if any updates/patches are available as soon as you start the install.  This is the part that can drastically extend the install time, if an update is 4MB (we wish) its fine, but these days updates are HUGE (HALO 5 day one update is 9GIG) and if your internet is slow it can take a really really really long time to install.

On the new dashboard (currently in testing) it actually asks you if you want to download any updates now or wait till later (don't know if that's on the current dashboard, never seen it before I got on to the dashboard testing thing)