New Console is going out for second repair ??

Good Day,, I have had Xbox,s for years,,  last Christmas I got the xbox starwars console,, worked for about 5 months,, then all of a sudden kept turning itself on and off all the time, ( only one user in this house ) sent it out for repairs,, just came back and hooked it up,, it worked for a day,, yup,, one half a day!~!~ now I have to wait for a call from repair as they will check into this so I can finally get HOPEFULLY  a new console that works,, any one else have this problem with this console ???  Xbox is kept in a clean enviroment and open to air, and not allot of dust around ??? seeking answers,, this is making me angry as meanwhile,, my xbox membership gold has been paid for for 2 years in advance, and cant even use it,, yet they sent me a month free, ( how kind ) card in the mail , anyone have any issues with this type of console ???


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I've had problems in the past. Must just be a faulty xbox. Generally from my problems the repair people are quick and work hard to get your xbox back fast and in working order. I've had 4 xboxes so I know what it's like. But don't worry the warranty will take care of it

my nephew got a starwars 360 also and had no problems yet, you must've just gotten a bad xbox.