New casual ALL-FEMALE team for mature gamers (30+)

Are you a female gamer over 30?

Are you sick of playing online with random immature idiots who just abuse you/trash talk/scream/sing/team kill.....and all that jazz?

IF SO, READ ON!!!! >>>>>>>>>>


Oldgamerz is a a relatively new and refreshingly mature forum which has seen a massive influx of new members since it was started in December 2010.  Despite growing so rapidly (now over 200 members), the ethos has not changed, with the emphasis being on making friends with a mature, but fun attitude.


Oldgamerz currently has 4 mixed teams (not clans!) that play in a league.  We're trying to get an all-female team up and running, but we need YOU to sign up!


It doesn't matter if you don't play often, it doesn't matter what your skill level, all that matters is that you share our desire to be part of a super-friendly community and have a laugh when you game!


Oldgamerz is constantly growing and evolving, the staff and members are an imaginative and creative lot and all ideas and suggestions are valued.  If you don't currently play the games I mentioned, it doesn't matter!  There's a game arrangement calendar to set up other games.  The best thing I've found though, is having made lots of new friends at Oldgamerz I can nearly always go on my Xbox and find someone to play a game with and not feel intimidated or humiliated.


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(I realise I edited out the bit about which games are currently played, oops!)

At the mo the league is Black Ops, but a new mini-league for Forza and one for Fifa 11 are just getting started.

Many members also play MW2, GOW and Brink.

Obviously these are just current trends and are not exclusive.

Nice one Clare! Yeah we already have about five women on the site and going by the feedback they are all very happy! Bloody deva's though lol!! So demanding. Cut the lawn, take your dirty cups out when your done & put the toilet seat down when your done lol!!

Seriously though we have a great community who are more than happy to welcome in our newest members...

So don't delay, get your toosh's over to OldG and make some new friends!


Yes folks we need a few more ladies to get this rolling. So pop on over and enjoy the fun...

There's a boys v girls BLOPS friendly in the pipeline, guaranteed to be a hoot!  I can't wait!  Just need some more girls to sign up.....

We are going to get out behinds handed to us, I know it... *knees tremble* lol...

You girls are doing a great job!

Good luck!

i tried to get my wife interested in gaming once, she told me if she started playing then nothing would get done around the house!! is she trying to tell me something ?

Team Juliet is starting to look really good!  We've had a few new members who've signed up, one never having played FPS before and one never having even played on an Xbox before!  They're getting stuck in though and having fun!

It's been really good to see this take off and I'm really excited about the Girls v Boys match that's in the pipeline as well as seeing women pick up a gamepad because they've seen their hubbies' involvement on the site and were drawn by seeing other females gaming.

As has been said before, it doesn't matter what your skill level, if you're a mature female gamer (even a brand new gamer!) and want to make friends you can play with free from harassment and abuse, then OldG Team Juliet is for you!

Well, we finally did it!!!  We finally had our first match and wow, what a match!!!  Thank you to the Victor boys for being such a good laugh and being so very encouraging to everyone.  We may have lost (ONLY JUST!!!) but it wasn't the scores that mattered at the end of the night!

If you're a female mature gamer and miss having a a bit of female banter, come and join us.  We don't bite (just swear a lot lol!) It doesn't matter how skilled you are, we welcome everyone!  It's all about the giggles!

I cant speak highly enough of the girls over at they are a friendly and helpful bunch and great to game with but be warned, if they are on the opposite team they rapidly turn from this to this although i have to admit the odd image of this does cross my mind.......... well im only human......

so any girls out there aged 30+ get yourselves over to this great community at and join the girls and the fun

oh did i mention that the girls also make great sigs but im not awear of any of them doing this

these girls are so good i tried to join them myself but they sussed me for some reason...........


if you are a girl and 30+ then why not join them over at they'll make you famous, well maybe not famous but they will make you welcome....

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