New Carmageddon Game?!?

It looks like a new Carmageddon game, or possibly a HD remake of a previous game (Carmageddon 2!!!) will be announced on June 1st! This is something i cant wait for, anyone else played the previous games and excited for this.



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*Note* You will be not excited for this if the only Carmageddon game you have played was on the N64!


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Used to love Carmageddon games! Nice.

That's a game I'd love to see remade with better graphics.

yes please :)

i can only hope and pray.

Definite buy for me. Always loved these games.

Make it an arcade title, in fact isnt their already one thats similar... name escapes me.

First and Second were great, specially when i got my first 3DFX card back in the day, 3rd not so much.

It's about time, as long as it's similar gameplay to Carmageddon 2 I'll be happy enough.  Will probably pick it up either way but did love the violence & destruction + Iron Maiden!