New Call Of Duty Black ops 3 looks good.....

Then again I thought Black ops 2 and Modern Warfare looked good before I played them...... =[


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Passing an if i do end up getting it later down the road will not be touching the mp its sad how far they ran the franchise into the ground

It definitely looks like it would be good, but previews to games tend to be better than the game itself sometimes, lol

I haven't played a CoD game since Modern Warfare 2.  Odds are this will be more of the same, so no thanks.  FPS games need to go bye bye.

It's a good thing TITANFALL is already dead because this game would have killed it. :P

Rather seen COD go back to WWII or NAM.  Futuristic echoskelton suits and jumping around like super Mario isn't appealing to me.  Seeing people post vids of CODAW looks to cartoony to me.  COD4 was the best.  Franchise went down hill after that game.

I'm burned out on CoD. You've played one, you've pretty much played them all.

I haven't brought a CoD game since Black Ops 1, I'm still debating if I want to get this game or now.

Plus Activision has partnered with Sony for early content on PlayStation versions, but overall, Sony can have that dying franchise.

Halo, Battlefield, and Killzone 4life!

I have it pre-ordered for the zombies alone, the jet pack kills the multiplayer for me, anyone know it'll be in zombies as well? I really hope not.

Looks bad to me. Glad I jumped out of this franchise years ago. Shame because Treyarch had and told the best single player campaigns. Hoping a new dev gets on and makes an Epic historical war campaign again.