new apps for xbox live such as youtube and dailymotion

hi all

was just reading this article and started to drool over the list of apps that are coming to xbox, but before i continue to drool even more i do have to ask will there be a subscription of some kind or some form of money needing to be handed over to be able to use all these apps?

seeing as most apps at the moment on xbox seem to require money i am hoping this is a change in direction and will give everyone access to all these apps for free

i hope so, but do you know so? hope to hear from you if you do know more than me about it


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Going by the descriptions Sky, Love Film and Muzu will be 'PPV' apps. I doubt 4oD will and YouTube certainly won't (it probably will however be filled with sodding adverts). As for the others? No idea.

were do i get the apps at

LoveFilm should be free as it should be about streaming. On PS3 it was only free stream films and the ability to have movies delivered to your door.

Best feature the PS3 had and it's the only thing I miss not having.

I know this is a far fetched request but I'd like to see the xbox Forums available via the xbox- not everyone can get to a laptop etc.

Yes there is a subscription required. MS call it xbox live GOLD

You will be asking if you are able to do your weekly shop at tesco on the 360 soon.


Its a gaming console not a PC

LOL just think-U could order your can of Monster, snacks and junk food and not have to put your xbox controller down-quality.  I don't think the wife would best be pleased though.

But back on topic there is more and more apps coming out on the xbox. I dont bother with them though but I will stand by my guns for having xbox forums-or a toned down version if that makes sense. To me its more xbox related the idea of getting films and facebook-just not my cup of tea.........

haha if tesco was not such a rip off maybe

love film will require you to have a love film sub like it does on PS3

BBC will be free to all gold and silver as that is paid for buy your TV licence and I assume ITV, C4 and C5 will be the same.

Though I will use my VM media box's to watch BBC ect, though Love film on the ps3 is ok.

Sorry. Still no BBC.

MS will only allow paid-up gold members to use these services, but your TV licence already pays for this service and by law MS can't charge again.  As the other TV channels are not governed by the charter, they are free to negotiate with MS for inclusion on their subscription service.

BBC can't by law let MS charge, and MS won't let you have it for free. = no iplayer.

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