new 16gb sandisk flash drive no good?

so i just bought a 16gb flash drive and configured it, but the warning prompt is coming up telling me that i may experience performance issues.. wth?  i read where the 360 flash was simply a san disk, which is what this is.  so far 2 flash drives and an external hdd are not good enough.  what?


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The 360-branded flash drive that they state they worked with SanDisk on to optimize for the 360.

As you're discovering, not all flash memory is created equal. The flash should work fine. Try to test it in a couple different 360s to make sure it doesn't come up as unconfigured when moving between consoles.

Erase some stuff from memory. Seems to me the Xbox is saying it may not have enough room to store system files, updates, etc. Just a guess. It's never happened to me personally.

The flash drive I use gave that warning as well and it's never given me a problem. Just don't try and run games off it and you should be fine.