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One of my good friends who has been on Xbox Live for about 5 years and with Netflix for the last couple of years told me a while ago that he changed his DNS on his Xbox to get a better variety of content on Netflix. He explained that he feels the UK content is barely updated and in fact outdated, but here is my question - Is it against the Xbox Live Terms of Use?  The reason that I'm asking is that I am considering doing it on my Xbox 360 to see what the U.S Netflix has to offer in comparison to the United Kingdom's. I have read through the Terms of Use, and the closest thing that changing your DNS could come to is fraudulent activity but that being said, I am not paying more for other content nor am I paying less. What I'm looking for is an opinion, as an ambassador I suppose I should know this but it has puzzled me for at least a month now and I'm still contemplating whether it's worth trying out. As an Xbox Live Member for 10 years, I really do not fancy becoming banned for testing the waters on something so any advice or opinions on this matter would be appreciated, thanks for reading - Synklare

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I don't think it's against the terms of use, but you'd have to adjust your account to a US one.

According to my friend, he simply obtained a DNS code online and switched from automatic to manual DNS settings. I may just contact Microsoft about it before I decide to do it.

I use an service called Ive used it for almost a year and change the DNS in my router not my console although it can be done. From as far as Im aware doing this does not breach any of xbox lives rules as they do not control the licensing of the content they only provide access to the library viewer.

Also changing the DNS in the router rather than your console allows you to use any Device and access the content from other regions not just your console.

Changing the DNS settings on your console does not interfere with the way live works and would not cause detriment to any other users playing with or against you.