netflix being slow on comcast

Had it not buffer correctly at the girlfriends house and now my Xbox gave me an error code of X7377. So has to be Netflix

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Where does this fit into the xbox one general forum?? Did you try the support forum?

False. I just used it for an hour. Can you not think if anything else that would cause it? Network connections, your service provider? It seems very premature to blame one thing when it doesn't work twice.

Exact same problems with my 360 though...I haven't been able to get anything better than 480p followed by frequent buffering on my super stable fiber

I too have noticed that the picture quality has dropped on Netflix. however, the quality has dropped on BOTH my 360 AND my xbox one as well

Same issue here.  My wife complains all the time about the quality of the video of Netflix on Xbox One.. wants me to hook back up the 360.  Hulu looks beautiful.  I'm beginning to think that its not a problem with my internet

I've had the same issues. I'm hard wired and when I switch between my 360 and X1 the time to load skyrockets and the quality drops to the point where the app stops and gives an error message. What I did is listed below. Took less then 10 minutes and worked immediately. Some people have listed these ideas, but only after I did all of them, did it fix my issue completely.


On the X1 go to Netflix in the app store. Press the menu button and uninstall it.

Log into Netflix on a tablet or PC and go to Account settings.

Under Your Profile, adjust Playback settings to HD. (Mine was previously set to Auto.)

Under Your Profile, make sure "Prefer HTML5 player instead of Silverlight" is NOT checked.

Under Your Profile, Sign out of all devices. (Get over it folks. It doesn't take that long to login again.)

Download Netflix on the X1, login, and enjoy.

M$, Netflix, and your ISP will continue to punt this in a sad circle, but it seems this is another case of the users knowing more that the developers.

Thanks to all who contributed to the above.  I'm so pi$$ed about the shortcomings of this system that without this fix I probably would have gone supernova and thrown it through the window. Fortunatly the games and NFL app are saving my experience.  And I needed to remind myself, I don't blame Apple or Google for some of the $#!t apps in their stores(and you know there are hundreds of thousands of them), so I probably shouldn't blame M$.  Especially since all users are not impacted by this. It boils down to Netflix development not catching it during testing. I want M$ development spending their time on getting XBL up to snuff and where it should have been before they released the damn system.

Rant over.  Going to spend more time watching movies instead of getting my blood pressure up in this forum.

Unplug Xbox ONE<Unplug Router<Wait for lights to return as normal on router(whatever normal looks like)<Turn Xbox ONE back on.

I've been having the same issue in the last 2 days on both my Xbox One and my Google TV. It must be on their end.

Netflix always stuttered and buffered for me on the 360, or would at least degrade down to less than standard definition quality for 10 minute chunks at a time. It drove me crazy. I have a 50mb/s connection and it works flawlessly on the PS3, PS4, and PC. I tried changing Ethernet cables, changing settings, and everything else I could think of before I finally gave up and just used one of my other consoles for streaming.