Netflix App needs fix

When watching a series, I can't select a different season or episode, only plays what I've started or the next episode  in line. Unless I am missing something, I have gone back to my PS3 for Netflix until they fix it.


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If you mean the interface that let you choose another episode in the series from the episode itself, no, that's not there (at least not while playing). If you go back to the main screen, though, you can choose the series and then choose the episode from there.

I dont use Netflix but wouldnt the UI in the app be the responsibility of Netflix?

Also, you get the option to choose other episodes at the end of the current episode between the credits and when the next episode starts. The system works well for people who watch episodes from start to finish.

User error.  The Netflix app for Xbox One is the easiest one to use yet.  Even better than the app on my old Sony Blu-Ray player.

Ok I see what's going on. In the main screen there is a tab for 'Continue Watching', and if I choose the series from there, I don't get the option to select episodes no matter what, even if I am not in the middle of one. For instance I finished an entire series recently and it shows up under 'continue watching', with no progress bar because I watched the last viewed episode to the end. When I select that series from there it automatically plays the first episode of the series. In order to select an episode, I have to select the series from a different tab like 'My List'. I can jump to other episodes while pausing an episode, like on my PS3 and maybe 360 also, and that is still easiest to use IMO. But yeah nothing really needs to be fixed, and thanks IceStormIII, you were big help.