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So for a year or so i have been going onto some gaming news websites just to see what is going on in the gaming world and there was good articles but since the xbox 1 was announced certain sites have become nothing places full of people that are so anti xbox that even an opinion by someone pro xbox is called everything from an idiot for buying an xbox 1 to being called a retard. I have seen articles submitted by the same person within hours of each other in which a random person did their comparision of what they thought about the xbox 1 controller and the oppositions one and this was taken by some as gospel but when several people said they preferred the xbox 1 controller they got nothing but abuse from others the same is also if someone says they like or own the xbox 1 they are told they made the wrong choice but thing that gets me is what right does someone have telling people that obviously like me they chose the xbox and they had reasons for doing so yet they are made to feel belittled by others who think they know whats best . What do others think about this sort of thing



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[quote user="AMadMongrel"]What do others think about this sort of thing[/quote]Welcome to life. An odd place where people will often be argumentative simply for the sake of it.

This phenomenon isn't unique to the Xbox One. You'll find the same arguments going on about the PS4.

You can go back and find the same things happening with the Xbox 360 and PS3, the Xbox and PS2 etc. 

It's called "anonimity of the internet".  People feel that because they're hiding behind a username and computer screen they can be as rude as they like.  I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Who cares what other people think of you man!?  If Xbox is what you enjoy then go enjoy it!  

The "Anti-Xbox One Crew" was the "it" thing in the middle of 2013.  Everybody and their brother who posts blogs/vlogs hopped on that train, all in the fun-filled name of getting more views/hits for their page/video.  A lot of misinformation was thrown out and then when it finally was released.... people are looking for anything to keep that negativity alive.  It's been a rather amusing/fun experience.

I listen to RATIONAL opinions, but some people are just PS4 or X1 fanboys that are emotionally attached to their toys like it's a girlfriend, so I don't consider their opinions.  

I dont listen to anyone about game systems, video games, music or movies about if there good or bad or whats better then the other. Iam a gamer so I love all video game systems, and I always have to buy all three systems, microsoft, sony, nin.cause they all have games made just for those systems. I know not everyone is not as lucky to be able to own them all, I just save and get what I can.

But we will always have fanboys bashing other game systems. Can u imagine only listening to one music artist? Hell no you gotta give all types of music a go or u might just missing out on some good stuff..

So dont listen to people saying one is better then the other, do some real research on you're own to see whay better fits what u enjoy.

Probably still alot of backlash about the whole DRM policies, not all people are forgiving and probably still have alot of hate about it.

Speaking of DRM, at came out a while back that Sony was planning on using it as well but decided to back out after what happened to Microsoft over it.