Need Xbl data measurement?

First of all, I'm not all networking and tech but I do have a fair understanding about both. Now to business.

My mum and I are looking at better ISP's than our current one as currently, we aren't even getting dial up speed because it's that slow. So, I use a lot of Xbl, video streaming (e.g. youtube) and play a fair amount of multiplayer. What I need to know if how to measure how much data I'm using on a daily, weekly, fortnightly and month basis to determine how much data I'm using from just Xbl, video streaming and multiplayer so we can choose the right plan. My dad is too stubborn to go with a new provider unless I can somehow push to get a better ISP.

Dial up here starts at least 28.8kb/s and we can't even get up to 15kb/s.

Now keeping in mind, I'm from Australia and we have pretty crappy internet speed naturally. I've posted on my ISP's fourm about how I can do this and the moderators seem to be as useless as the ISP customer support themselves, so I figured to come here. So my question is, how can I can I measure how much data my Xbox 360 Slim is using for all services on Xbl on a daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis? Will I have to bridge my laptop to find out? If so, how? I am open to any and all legal suggestions.

If this doesn't make sense, I apologize. It's the easiest way I could think of explaining this.


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Welp..That idea is out the window. We have similar routers. Your model-even if you configured it-traffic meter will only work for PPoe connections (DSL) not cable-DHCP.  See: The TF meter on your router wouldn't work even if you were using it and I don't see the wireless range extender having the ability anyway.

The 'modem' has WiFi capability? If it's a cable modem/router, it's essentially a gateway. Out the window with the traffic meter idea. You can google your modems name/model number and see if it can do this. Probably a waste of time.

Your idea of connecting your xbox to your laptop or PC is probably the easiest at this point. I have friends that do it, but I never bothered as I had no need. I'll do some research. If you can do this, there's a ton of free traffic monitoring software-or you could simply use Windows. Pretty sure it has bytes sent/received per adapter somewhere under Network and sharing. Someone else from this forum will chime in too, I'm sure.

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