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Hello everybody I am thinking about getting an xbox one and i was wondering if you could reply with some pros and cons of what you think about it.


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No need to; there's plenty of threads that will tell you what's great & what's not. My 2 cents? It's worth it.

Ok; Thanks

Exactly. A quick look at the first page of this forum should tell you about all you need to know.

I am enjoying my Xbox One.  Pro or Con, depending on how you look at it, I have found it to be very different from my 360.  It is missing what some consider to be key features that existed on the 360.  Personally, I'm struggling with "learning" how to use it and I was surprised that they didn't improve upon the 360 platform instead of starting from scratch (again some see this as a pro).  Also, I mostly play the online portion of shooters so all I have is CoD Ghosts. which I also had on the 360.  A con for me is the controller.  I only have 1 but when it rumbles the motors make an audible tone / hum noise.  It is very annoying and there is a couple threads that have reported it.  This issue is probably a minority as this forum would be overrun with the issue if it was wide spread.  I have the Kinect set up but I do not use it, don't anticipate using it, and it rarely recognizes me anyway.  Again, I enjoy mine but am struggling a little bit with the learning curve.

I'm going to tell you anyway op, As a gamer? this is a solid console. The OS is limited at the moment so make sure you've got a decent tv. You can switch apps and games really easily, the DVR feature is actually great imho. I use it through the controller only and it's very good. The feature sharing with friends is really great as well .

I myself am a big fan of the Wii U OS and the Mii Universe, allthough it looks nothing alike the share feature is similar on the XB1.

I've tried and tested the kinect, not my thing really but I can't answer for you.

Oh, the controller isn't very well made, I mean it's great to use but mine feels very cheap.

In conclusion, Do you like Gaming? Don't mind being an early adopter? The XB1 has a solid future ahead and i'm glad to own one already.