Need some help with XBOX 360 Controller on NBA 2K12 for PC

I brought NBA 2K12 for £12.99 today on a steam summer sale and perhaps rather hastily though it would work with my Xbox 360 wireless controller when I plugged in the play and charge kit,however after many different attempts I've seen to hit something of a brick wall and I'm not entirely sure what or if there is a solution to my problem,as I've explained I brought a Wireless Xbox 360 controller last year and thought when the play and charge kit was plugged into the USB it would in effect become wired and work instantly,however after watching youtube videos on the subject and installing software from Microsoft I seem to be no closer to solving my problem and NBA 2k12 doesn't seem to recongise the controller,I don't really want to buy a new controller or a wireless game reciever ideally as I think there could potentially be a solution to my problem.

So is there a solution and if so what is it? if I can't use this controller what's the best and easiest solution to the problem,I've read about the PC compatiable 360 controller but why isn't the current 360 controller I'm using Controller I'm using PC compatiable?.

Sorry for all the questions but I'd rather try and get this resolved quickly so I can hopefully enjoy playing the game.


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The Play and Charge is just a charger, it doesn't send any data.  When you plug it into your PC (or an Xbox 360) the pad still remains wireless.

You only have two options.

1.  Try to source the Xbox 360 Gaming Receiver for Windows.  It's been discontinued as a stand alone product though for some time.

2.  Buy the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows or Wired Controller.  You can buy a standard Xbox wired Xbox Controller if it's cheaper, all you need are the drivers:

The Wireless Controller for Windows comes with the receiver in the same box.  Those options are the only way you can fix your issue.  It's not possible to turn a wireless pad into a wired one, sorry.