Need some help with XB1 features.

1. While Im playing, sometimes my X Box One will say "Hi, So And So" and their profile thing will appear on the top right next to mine. Sometimes, not very often, but sometimes, it'll actually log that person in even though they are not in the room. Not anywhere else in the house. Anyway to fix this? I called X Box support and they said to run a Kinect recognition test on all the people, but we did that and it still does that.

2. Sometimes when I join party chat, I hear my friends through my surround sound system, not the headset and they can't hear me at all. If I go to my profile thing on the upper left of the dashboard and click "choose this person", chat will work correctly again. It always works if I do that, but it seems like I shouldn't have to do that as often as I do. Any fix for this?



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