Need some friends on xbox live

I want to continue playing these games but no one wants to play with me at home. I will need a headset first before I play again, but if anyone is interested in doing co-op I'd be very happy. (P.S. Won't get a headset for a couple months since money is tight, but I will def still play [eventually])

BTW I own these for the xbox

Bomberman Live (battlefest)

Diablo III

Bunch of Legos (Don't judge)

Naruto Shippuden 2 & 3

Sacred 2

Portal 2


(various arcade downloads)


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Lol, none of those games are very good! Except Portal 2. Get some better myltiplayer games!

I have Mincecraft, Bomberman Live, Diablo III,  and Narruto Ninja Storm Generations. I'm on my Xbox One currently, but I wouldn't mind going back to some of those games... and BTW beauty is in the eye of the beholder for multiplay games - there are people out there that like the games you do... so here's hoping you find more of them!

Thank you Mista, but no worries I'm not offended by anyone and how they feel about my "crappy" games, and whenever i do get my mic maybe i'll try adding you sometime :D

Ben: You don't like it too bad cause i dont remember asking you your opinion when purchasing these games.

I happen to love these games as I get quality time with a certain little someone, so quit judging others before you open your mouth. Thank you very much

Funny how excpet for Bomberman these are VERY popular games. (ya gotta admit it's a bad game)   A simple multiplayer session should provide a possible friends list.....   Keep playing what you want!!!!!   MC has like 20 million players ..................  I would reccomend going to a forum with like minded members though.  The trolls here are silly.

I couldn't figure out where to put this forum. It's my first time putting one up. If someone can send me the link or something to the forum more suited for my question I would Thank you very much :D

No worries--- Feel free to add me!!!   GOOD LUCK!!!

The orange box is something we could play together...... I still need a lot of achievements on that disk too......

New to xbox and own Diablo III and need friends.  Will send friend req ;)