Need some audio guys to help me please :)

Hey guys, im a tech guy but i was never really into audio stuff, i dont know to much about the good sounds investments etc. If anyone here can help me a bit i would very much appreciate it. I have the Xbox one and an LED vizio (dont know if that means anything for audio help, it does also have an optical port). Im looking into getting those Sonos Hifi speakers, im looking into the sound bar, as well as what they call the play 3 speaker (2 of them). Anyone know about the sonos speakers? are they worth the money? Also, whats the whole thing with the 5.1 and 7.1 sound, i see alot of talk about it but i really have no clue about what  they mean. If anyone can help me it would be awesome, thanks alot!


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In my personal opinion, SONOS isn't worth the cash. It's essentially just a wireless speaker system, albeit a high quality one. There's loads of great surround systems out there and if you're willing to have wires you'd get a full 7.1 kit of really good quality for a similar price.

5.1 and 7.1 are surround sound settings. Where stereo is just 2 speakers sending out a left and a right, 5.1 is 5 sending from 5 different directions, 7.1 being 7 speakers. The '.1' is the subwoofer which is a large speaker dedicated to pushing out bass. This can essentially be anywhere in the room because of low frequency sound waves having less impact from direction.

Thanks alot Dynamic. Im more interested in the Sonos for the wireless, as well as being able to add at anytime to it, having other speakers in the kitchen, other rooms etc. Would the Xbox One at this time be able to work with them? I wont be getting the amp subwoofer at this time, more interested in the sound bar for my TV and the 2 other medium sized speakers they make. Do you happen to know if it would all be compatible with the xbox one?  Thanks again for all the information!

If you want to direct the audio all over the house, SONOS is definitely a great buy and that is indeed it's intended function.  I can't tell you exactly if it will work with Xbox One but if it has an optical input then it should all work fine.

If nobody hear can give you a clearer answer than that, try going to an electrical store that sells them. With any luck they will have chosen decent staff who will be able to guide you through everything you should know about it.

alright great will look to see if i can find some more answers but i really appreciate your time and help.

I run Sonos in my home but don't use them for gaming or movie Audio. I have 2 play 3's. One up from loungeroom where my X1 is and one in my main living room and deck area. Expensive but totally worth it for ease of use/ mobility and fantastic sound from a small speaker. Play 5's have ports for wires from receivers and players and surround could actually be hooked up but you would be looking at a lot of cash to put it together. There are other wireless systems coming out which may be better suited to the full surround setup. It would be best to go to a hifi shop and discuss your needs there for all the info. For me I wouldn't have Anything else.