Need Major Help Fast please.

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Hello Xbox 360 Team.

I've Just recently bought my Xbox 360 slim  & I Bought Call of Duty 4, I've just started playing call of duty 4 until i went into a normal game free for all on cod4 the game was NOT  unusual/out of the ordinary but when i left the game I Was 10th Prestige Level 55 & I've Just bought the game cost me £14.99 the game has been Modded to the maximum.

Im not having my console being banned as Ive not done anything wrong here in this issue.




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Sit and wait, if you are going to get banned no amount of talk here will prevent it.

This makes no sense. On the tag you posted this message with, you played CoD: MW in 2009 - So you haven't just bought it.

Then, you call yourself Sean in your post - But 'Micheal' on that gamertag profile.

I noticed that, you have chivos back in 2009 for it?

Thats My First Ever xbox live account from 2009, I've just bought a xbox and cod4 recently so i made a new profile. the account above i gave to my friend but hes not got live yet:(

smell a rat ?

Yep as he is not posting with his new profile ...surely you would .  

i do indeed


if he's just started a new account on his new xbox..then what's the worry? it'll just be the account that gets banned... create a new one and move on

Well, this is definitely quite unusual. The Terms of Service say about knowingly playing in a lobby using unauthorized modifications to increase game rank or Gamerscore. If you didn't know what was happening you didn't do anything wrong really, but I am confused by the identity crisis on the account: are you Michael or Sean? The profile is identified as being owned by someone called Michael and yet you're calling yourself Sean so it is very confusing as to what has happened. I am assuming the Gamertag that is being used here is not your account that you created on the Xbox 360 Slim as you said. You likely will not be banned for it due to the fact that you could not have known unless something out of the ordinary was occurring in the lobby. Owing to the fact there was nothing it would have been extremely difficult to tell whether the lobby was safe or not.


Don't worry about it, unless you do actually get banned.