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Ok my problem with the kinect is that its chopping off my head. I have measured myself from the sensor and im 8ft away from it. The sensor is 2ft 5in from the ground on a flat table infront of the tv. Im 6ft3 i have tryed placing the sensor higher and getting the same result. Why is the sensor not reading my head?


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Doesnt kinect support people over 6ft cos my gf just tryed it shes 5ft2 and it finds her ok.

Put the kinect on top of the tv is my sugestion. I have a crown kinecty tv mount and it works ok also you can enter the kinect tuner and manually adjust the kinect angle

Have you tried calibrating your play space with the black and white card that comes in the Kinect Adventures box?

Im 6' 5'' and have had no problems with kinect chopping my head off, even when playing with kids about 4' it was fine.

As the above mentioned try calibrating with the black and whit card in kinect adventures or doing the steps thingy again.

iv tryed the calibrating doesnt help its like the kinect keeps getting stuck when it gos back up. so when i play i have to click it up manually.

Click it up? Sounds like it may be faulty.

By clicking up manually do you mean with your hands or using the kinect tuner option to alter angle. If you click it up with your hands that could be the problem the motor only has a certain degree of movement if you have forced it passed that you may have broken it

I am 6 foot and I have the same problem though I just put my sensor on top of my T.V and it was fine. Bye bye Wii sensor!

I would put it on the tv but its at a 45 degree angle downwords so it wont work. Iv also stuck it up 8ft high and it still cuts off my head. Its like the sensor cant read by head. Does it matter what colour the carpet is cos its a maroon red.

no the colour will not matter go through the calibration again with it