Back in 2008 I created a gamertag and created an email address because it was required to link onto it.  Today I no longer use that gamertag but my brother does and he has invested hundreds of hours into it.  I was very ignorant back then and failed to write down the password to the email address and the security questions and now my brother's GT is stuck using that 1 failed attempt of an email address.  Is there any way to recover lost passwords from hotmail?  Creating a brand new gamer profile for my brother is out of the question as he has had it for almost 5yrs now and has invested at least 1000hrs into it.  Any help is much appreciated.


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Is the hotmail account still active, have you tried to login recently?


After a certain amount of inactivity a hotmail account is removed from the system. If that has happened here, you can create a new hotmail account with the old name and your brother's profile wont know the difference.

Thanks, I hope your right.