Need Help With Turtle Beach Selection

So i need a new Turtle Beach headset. I don't want a cheap one but I don't want one that takes tons of setting up. Any suggestions?


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I think the one i have is x12 its like $50 but really good sound quality easy to setup if you have standard definition if you have hd tv you will need an hd cord and an audio adapter.  ps you would need the hd cord thats kinda looks like a usb not the multi colored 1.

Well I don't use an adaptor for mine because I pried the stupid shield off my A/V cables but I don't recommend those anyway and hate mine with a passion because they are not even digital. Turtle Beach is also not the only option and people I know using Astro A40's and A50's are much happier than they ever were with Turtle Beach.

Get A pair of Astros, they sound better than any turtle beaches, are comfortable and probably the best headset Ive ever owned. I have the A40s and the only downside are the wires. The a50s are $50 more and are wireless if you have the cash. Astros are well worth the money if you have it.

I have XL1's. I think they're great and work awesome! My friend has X12's and the only difference between those two is mine were about $10 less and his has a bass level. :P I wouldn't mind having that. If anything, I'd go with X12's.

But again. X12's are not digital. They are only analog. They are also pretty uncomfortable compared to others. I am dying to get rid of my X11's. Turtle Beach is very over rated.

I snagged a pair of px5's last year on an Amazon sale to replace my ancient stereo x3's and they were IMO easier to set up. Have the optical hooked up with my 360 and using the analog ports hooked up to my comp. Uses the 360's usb port to power up. Just a heads up though, when I got the px5's, they didnt have the 360 bluetooth dongle that they have in the px500's so that will make you completely wireless.