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Hey guys, I need some info on some headsets.  I'm about to buy a HD PVR so I can record my games in better quality so I was wondering about getting another headset.  I do have a Turtle Beach Earforce XL1, but the problem with it is that when I plug the mic into my controller it emits an annoying ringing sound.  It doesn't matter much since I play noisy games anyway (Halo, COD, Forza, etc.), but if I were to record with the PVR it would pick it up, and would annoy the heck out of my YouTube viewers.

So basically I need to know if there is a headset, preferably under $45, that does not emit a ringing sound.  I don't really need to have great sound (by this I mean gameplay sounds through the headphones), since I'll only be using to record. 



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Hello, there!

I've used alot of different headsets (Turtle Beaches, Astros, Tritons, Microsoft), and for Halo and CoD, I'd reccomend buying Turtle Beaches. I'm not sure about Forza, as I don't have much experience in that game (And by that, I mean none at all), but   my experience with FPSs, Turtle Beaches are best for quality and price. XP500s are incredible, but I'd recommend getting Turtle Beach X42s. They're $160 USD, Have great specs, and a reasonable price. If you can't afford X42, X32s will work just fine.

Turtle Beach's are great.I own a pair of x11's and x31's both work great no noise or feedback.You can get those models from 40-50 bucks.Just check walmart online or ebay.

if you have a play and charge it will make that sound when charging i was told by turtle beach it was normal they sell a 10$ adapter to power  it from the wall instead of the xbox they say that stops it

i have astro A40 the are the best headset out there, but the are like £200. so get steelseries are good too and if you get a turtle beach headset you are better of geting x11 and not x31's as x31 are wireless x11 are wired.