Need help with Capture Card devices

I've been planning on purchasing a Capture Card of some sort to record and upload my gameplay. I've been searching all over the internet for details, but only finding explanations and details that skip over some important information I need to know before going out and potentially spending hundreds of dollars. I am currently using an Xbox Elite with HDMI, 42" plasma TV and several compatible computers in the household to upload and install software/hardware relating to the Capture Card in question.


I wanted to know firstly, how the Capture Card really works. It sounds like you plug a HDMI cord from the Xbox to the Card, then another from the Card to the TV.

However from there I'm unsure how it works, do you need to enable it on the Xbox? A switch on the card? Or does it just record gameplay as soon as you power on the Xbox?

After the gameplay is recorded (however that happens), is the device just plugged into a computer and edited with an appropriate program or is there many more cords and additional accessories I'll need to purchase?


Any help would be much appreciated as I'm lost at where to search for adequate information. Just remember, I have no idea about this process so reply to me like I'm completely new to this :)


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Ok first off, most capture card if not all current cap cards only support component HD cables not HDMI so you wouldn't be able to use the HDMI cable you are using at the moment.

As for connecting it all up it depends on which one you get, but most of them you will need to use your own component cable to connect up the Xbox to the capture device, then you use the supplied component cable from the device to your tv (so you will be using 2 component cables in total)


Then you plug the capture unit into your computer/laptop with the supplied USB cable, and then you install the software that comes with the device onto your computer/laptop which you then use to actually record whats on your tv screen, so to start recording you plug everything in, run the software on your pc and if everything is working fine you will see your xbox on your tv and on the computer screen, then you just hit the record button on the software to start recording your gameplay.


Then when you are finished, just hit the stop button to stop recording, which will then save the video to your computer and then you can open that up in the editing software you installed, to either edit it or just render and save to either AVi, WMV or whatever format you wish to use.


It is worth mentioning that recording and rendering video requires quite a lot of power to run smoothly, if your pc specs are low then when you record the audio and video will keep cutting out and go out of sync, so you will need a somewhat powerful computer to handle the recording.


If theres anything else you need to know that i have missed just let me know i will try to help.

Xbox Component cable -Capture card- Tv



This is what i use to capture:

The only thing with the HD PVR is that you CANT use a HDMI cable so you will need this:

Video : <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Hope this helps,Happy gaming!