Need help with AverMedia Game Capture HD and resolution problems.

Hey guys I recently picked up a Game Capture HD, and it came with no manual since I did get it used (used once all components were included). I hooked it up to, I think a 22 in Sceptre LCD TV. I have had no problems with the TV or Xbox, but when I figured out the port set up I was able to film just fine, got some cool stuff but the IN-game audio is not working when its hooked up. The audio is there when I uploaded it and reviewed it later, just not when I'm actually in-game. Its kind of pointless to get some insane shots or some games when someone can walk up and stab me or every IED I step on blows because I cant hear it.

The second problem I have is that I changed the screen resolution from like 420 to 1080 and now I cant change it back without an HDMI cord? I have only ever had the RCVA or whatever its called that came with the XBOX.

I appreciate the help guys,I do have a JVC 40in I am going to try it out on if I cant get this working on the smaller tv.


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